My Professional Working Relationships

The Hermann-Gmeiner-Academy is a training and education facility belonging to "SOS Kinderdorf." The academy is a centre for intercultural encounters and creates possibilities for professional exchange as well as for professional development. HGA

Horizont3000 is a non-governmental organisation based in Austria, with offices in 12 different countries in Africa, South America and Oceania. I train their technical advisers during their preparation programme. The focus lies on intercultural competence and the method of peer-coaching. Horizont3000  

University of applied sciences for management and communication offers comprehensive and practice-oriented academic programs to over 2,800 students. I teach intercultural management and diversity, as well as communication in the Human Resources Management and the Marketing and Sales Programme. FH WKÖ, Vienna

  REFAK, a branch of the Austrian Chamber of Labour and the VÖGB, offers trainers and lecturers in the department of adult education an extensive and innovative advanced training programme. REFAK

 BFA (Federal Finance Academy)  is a central educational institution of the Federal Ministry of Finance. I cooperate on the level of the Train-the Trainer Education. The aim is to introduce new and innovative ways of teaching among the experts that train within the finance sector. BFA


IACA (International Anti-Corruption Academy) in Laxenburg offers a range of trainings and study programmes in the field of anti-corruption. I support the incoming students in developing their study teams. IACA

Peter Hofmann. What connects me with Peter are the joint trainings at the Federal Finance Academy and the  Academy of the Austrian Chamber of Labour. His presence and his diverse experiences with groups  enrich our collaboration.


Ewa Ferrens. I value Ewas wealth of intercultural experience that she gained during her time living abroad. She shows high sensitivity to the fine nuances of intercultural collaboration. 

Ewa Ferrens

Judith Stemerdink-Herret. Art of Hosting is our connecting point. Judith is a thorough host and facilitator. She involves herself deeply into the process or dialogue. This adds quality to our collaboration.  

Just Her

Florian Reiter. Florians competence in working with groups allows me to extend my own horizont. His experience shows the potential of keeping the group procees  in the focus. 


Professional networks and affiliations

SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research)
Art of Hosting
NIC (Netzwerk Intercultures) Österreich
ÖAGG (Austrian Work Group for Group Therapy and Group Dynamics)

What my cooperation partners say about me:

What makes working with Margret Steixner so enjoyable is her way of presenting in-depth contents with a unique ease. This sets free enormous amounts of energy which can immediately be used for further work- I discover this again and again when working with her in a team, and can see it in her participants on different occasions. No matter if theory or practical exercise- she presents the contents with surety, remains open to new methods and engages in dialogue with her audience. In this, she is benefitted by her multilayered communicative experience gained from various professional roles, in various cultural contexts. It is clear that she thoroughly understands complex systems. I am already looking forward to the next project with Margret Steixner!

Christian Honold, director of the Hermann-Gmeiner-Academy, Innsbruck

Insights into the practical work

Presentation at the IACCM Conferenz 2015 in Vienna:

“Skills for the global world  - inquiring into the evolution and development of intercultural competencies”

It was awarded with the SIETAR Austria Best Practitioner Presentation Award.

Best Practitioner Award, 2015

A brief insight into the intercultural training at Horizont3000:

Preparation Course, Horizont 3000



Together with the team of the Hermann-Gmeiner-Academy  I facilitate the "Harvesting"-Workshop. We collect positive moments of the work-life and share them- an innovative knowledge management project with sustainable effects. Harvesting Shortfilm