Organisational Culture

Every organisation has its own history and this is the anchor point of every organisational culture. Together we research the narrative and develop it further.

I create a space for telling these stories.

"Storytelling" is more than the simple sharing of anecdotes. It is a process in which people exchange defining experiences and visions. Storytelling is an innovative method of knowledge management. It enables the development of integrated strategies and invigorates teams in organisations by strengthening motivation.

Through storytelling and listening we create togetherness - the basis of every strong organization. I often combine storytelling with the approach of "Appreciative Inquiry", where stories are developed into visions and concrete projects.

How culture remains a living process

"If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.."

African proverb

Developing your organisational culture: In an intensive preliminary discussion we explore the cornerstones of your request. After a joint exploration of the relevant topics I develop a suitable design.

Storytelling workshops can also be booked as single events. In order to enable the intensive immersion into the stories, a storytelling workshop lasts at least two days.

My own experience:


Trust, belonging and dedication are aspects that have a profound impact on motivation and working ability for every employee. In my experience, there is little difference between the values that individual organizations establish to guide their employees and customers. However, these values are frequently empty words with little relation to the everyday workflow. In this workshop, we are turning these topics into our research question. Employees get the opportunity to ask themselves how they experience trust in the team or organisation and what behaviour lets them see and experience trust. Together we explore the "mission" and ascribed meaning to it. Organizational Culture becomes a living process that is shaped by every member. This new form of dialogue can have an impact on the entire organisation. Organisational culture becomes a living and tangible process.

How participants describe their experience:

It was a wonderful experience in life to be a participant of this story-telling workshop. I have a feeling that I received the greatest appreciation and reward of my work in my life. To meet so many great friends from different parts of the world is not common. I am highly influenced by the intimacy and trust which developed naturally among us within the nine days which I am sure will last forever.



I gained important experience in strenghtening organisational culture using the method of storytelling and Appreciative Inquiry during the yearly Harvesting programme at the Hermann-Gmeiner-Academy.

At the Sietar Conference 2013 in Tallinn I gave a workshop together with Manuel Heidegger on how to use storytelling in intercultural trainings.

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One product of this workshop was a  growing digital story collection.

I continue developing my skills and understanding about the power and impact of stories by attending specific trainings in Storytelling: